What I do

As a graduated Tonmeister and Teacher, educated and experienced in music,
audio engineering, live sound design, mixing and teaching, these are my specialities:

  • Working intermediary between an artistic team versus an audio technical staff for smooth integration and communication
  • Guiding you from a concept, script or score to a fully integrated sound system for installation, musical theatre and concert
  • Managing and training audio personnel to fulfil your performance needs for a single presentation or the long run
  • Consulting you with musical, technical & acoustical knowledge for fixed installations, shows and concerts both temporarely and touring
  • Delivering the right people to assist you to bring your artistic product to a higher level
  • Mixing your performance
  • Editing, mixing and mastering your studio recordings
  • Recording your music, edit, mix & master it
  • Educating to expand musical engineering professionalism
  • Teaching physics and mathematics